Jenza Affinity Body And Bath Oil Blends

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  • Anti-Stress Blend Body Oil


    This delightful combination of calming and soothing essential oils of lavender, sweet orange, and ylang ylang is the perfect stress reliever. Use it as a massage oil, ideally after a warm shower before going to bed.

  • Citric Bliss Body Lotion


    A light body lotion that combines the relaxing, uplifting and detoxifying properties of citric essential oils of Grapefruit, Sweet Orange & Lime with a nourishing base of hemp, avocado and sweet almond. Its rich texture absorbs easily into the skin leaving it soft and pleasantly scented.

  • Eucalyptus Body & Bath Oil


    Eucalyptus oil has many benefits, though its most therapeutic quality is its fast acting relief for all types of fever, cold, and flu. These uplifting and invigorating qualities cool the body in summer and protect it in winter.

  • Feminine Blend Body Oil


    This wonderful soothing and balancing blend of essential oils to help with feminine problems or female functions in general such as menstrual pains, menopause, cramps, nervous tension or insomnia. Infused with essential oils that are balancing (geranium), calming (clary sage), and detoxifying (cypress), this body oil blend works in synergy to aid with those difficult moments of a woman’s life.

  • Head Massage Oil


    This invigorating blend was created to stimulate the scalp with nourishing oils such as coconut and grape seed and is infused in essential oils of rosemary (known for helping hair growth), peppermint (cooling and helps with microcirculation), and lavender (for its relaxing and soothing effects).

  • Lavender Bath & Body Oil


    The soothing touch of lavender is one of the most incredible essential oils when it comes to de-stressing and winding down after a long day.

  • Lavender Body Lotion


    A light aromatherapy body lotion that combines the relaxing properties of lavender essential oil with a nourishing base of hemp, avocado and aloe vera. Its rich formula is easily absorbed by the skin leaving no greasy sensation. Lavender essential oils is the classical oil for relaxation to unwind after a tiring day.

  • Muscle & Joint Relief Oil


    A natural alternative to calm muscle and joint pain, essential oils can help with all the common muscle problems such as fatigue, tension, pain, spasms or injuries. In this blend we use wintergreen (warming, has a cortisone-like effect that helps reduce pain and inflammation), peppermint (cooling, blocks pain), marjoram and clary sage (natural muscle relaxers).

  • Sage Body Oil


    North American Indians prize the sage plant for its spiritual cleansing qualities. Its Latin name, Salvia Officinalis, means salvation or to save.  Sage has remained a popular herb throughout the centuries due to its association with wisdom and longevity.

  • Sleep Well Blend Body Oil


    Using essential oils to aid with sleeping problems is a natural and safe way to address this common problem. We’ve created this calming and relaxing blend of sedating essential oils with lavender, bergamot, and clary sage, which are well-known for their calming properties.