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Aromatherapy is the art and science of the utilization of essential oils extracted from aromatic plant material which may assist in healing the body naturally.This practice is conducted by a certified aromatherapist that can customize blends for different conditions or just create general blends for anyone to use. These days aromatherapy is getting popular and you can have general blends in stores at your mall like saje.

Jenza Aromatherapy products

What can I use aromatherapy blends for ?

Aromatherapy can be used as an alternative complementary therapy for:


anti stress




hormonal balancing

Strengthen the immune system

muscle and joint pain




Jenza Aromatherapy oils for beauty and wellness


Aromatherapy body mist and sprays

skin care facial line products

Aromatherapy cuticle oil and nail repair

Aromatherapy shampoos and conditioners

Aromatherapy bath gels

Aromatherapy sugar and sea salt scrubs

hand and foot soak

massage oils

relaxing and invigorating body lotions

Romantic nights with

Aphrodisiac oils and lotion

Anti-cellulite localize treatment

Purification of the air through diffuses

house cleaning(cutting boards, special items)

perfume blends

How does this party function?

Jenza aromatherapy products display

Jenza mobile spa bring to you in the comfort of your home, a wide collection of JENZA AROMATHERAPY   professional therapeutic graded hand crafted blends that will be displayed and guest would receive a free evaluation of what is THE BEST blends for their needs and conditions before deciding what they will buy to carry home.

Jenza aromatherapy spa treatments

Aromatherapy pedicures and manicures

(same procedure as a spa pedicure or manicure but we will use a customize blend according to your body’s     condition of aromatherapy that is for you in your soak and massage lotions.

Mini aromatherapy manicures $40(25 mins)

Classic aromatherapy manicures $55(40 minutes)

Jenza signature aromatherapy manicures $69(60 mins)

Mini aromatherapy pedicures $40(25 mins)

Classic aromatherapy pedicures $55(40 mins)

Jenza signature aromatherapy pedicures $90(60 mins)

Romantic night couple massage

Aromatherapy full body massage: A very relaxing holistic massage focusing in  detoxifying the body through lymphatic drainage and the use of the right blend of essential oils that is customized for your body’s condition.

Jenza aromatherapy customized blend massage:

$65- 30 mins

$80-45 mins

$100-60 mins

$120-75 mins

$140-90 mins

Aromatherapy facials, follows the same procedure as a spa facial but we use our unique natural holistic aromatherapy line of products and customizing your exfoliate and mask with the right essential oils for you!

Mini aromatherapy facial $40(20 mins)

Classic aromatherapy facial $70(30-35 mins)

Jenza signature aromatherapy facial $99(60 mins)

Jenza AHA Aromatherapy facial $129(60 mins)

Aromatherapy hand and foot treatment: $50(40 mins)

A relaxing or detoxifying foot or hand soak with your customized foot scrub blend with hot towel removal followed by a customized hydrating lotion or oil application and ending with a relaxing aromatherapy massage and pressure point on feet and hand.

Aromatherapy full body scrubs :$75(45 mins)

A delightful relaxing or detoxifying body scrub with a customized blend according to your body needs and condition that is unique for you to help with circulation and the elimination of dead skin cells followed by an application of a customized hydrating blended lotion or body oil that is right for yo (you can add a 30 mins aromatherapy massage for $60)

Aromatherapy benefits for inhalation

Your guest will also enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy by inhalation with our relaxing or invigorating diffuser blends so the group would not only benefits from the oils and lotions penetrating their skin but also by inhalation getting the benefits through their lungs and into the blood stream

Relax and Rejuvenate your body, mind and soul with Jenza aromatherapy.

Requirements on behalf of the host:

  • Full body scrubs ( we require a shower available to wash off the scrubs if not available let us know so we can apply an ‘easy to take off scrub” with warm towels.

  • A sink and chairs for the guest to sit (for manicures and pedicures)

Couple Treatments and Packages

   Soul Mates Massage:

   75 Mins $220

   90 Mins $260

Lets Mani and Pedi together

   $240 (2 GUEST)

Jenza signature Mani and Pedi (120 MINUTES)

“Lets Spa Together” Package

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